Capri Pizzeria was established in 1960 by Leo Porco. To stand out amongst the endless same taste, same bland flavor restaurants that occupy the pizza industry, Leo developed a unique old world charm and flavor that has stood the test of time! I purchased Capri Pizzeria from Mr. Porco in 1996 and since have been running the store. We lost Mr. Porco in 2005 and sorely miss his insight and his wealth of knowledge. However, we are proud to continue the tradition of great food and outstanding service.

What is old world charm and flavor? It's a taste of Italy in each bite. The charm is the shop itself, often compared to a New York Pizza Parlor by our customers. A warm greeting every time you walk in the store and a sensation of real home-town aroma. This isn't your big chain store; you won't find a cookie cutter pizza here. Instead you'll find a great dish full of flavor made especially for you! The flavor, well that's the ingredients and special blend of spices that keep our customers coming back for more! Only the finest meats, cheeses, vegetables and assorted toppings are used with our pizzas, subs, pastas and salads.   The recipes that make Capri Pizzeria great were graciously handed down to me by Mr. Porco and are followed to this day.   Whether it is our world class pizza, salad, subs or pasta dishes, we strive to give you something the other guys can't, a reason to come back. Try us sometime, and see what old world pizza is all about!